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"If I had a friend and loved them because of the benefits which this brought me and because of getting my own way, then it would not be my friend that I loved but myself. I should love my friend on account of their own goodness and virtues and account of all that he is in himself. Only if I love my friend in this way do I love him properly."

Meister Eckhart

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"Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have twenty-four-hour days."

Zig Ziglar (via abundanceofquotes)

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"You are free to choose, but the choices you make today will determine what you will have, be, and do in the tomorrows of your life."

Zig Ziglar, The Book Of Wisdom

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"I learned that tough times are a part of our journey in this life, but that challenges make life interesting. Even though it can be painful and frightening at the time, the greater the obstacle, the more glorious the moment success. - Muhammad Ali"
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"Don’t let your mind bully your body into believing it must carry the burden of its worries."
-Astrid Aluada

Drop every negative thought, dead weight, nd toxic experience. Travel lite for the next level.

Now boarding. ;)

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